What We Do

Privately held and charting our course with social utility in mind.

At Tetra Ventures we strategically fund projects which target large scale
problems with innovative solutions and invest in building a better
tomorrow for a sustainable spaceship earth.

From the traditional - building housing where it is needed to optimizing
vertical ecommerce logistics.

To the modern – Biological and neo-nutraceutical solutions to ailments
affecting wide demographics as well as new material development for use in
construction and precision manufacturing.

And beyond – Space and microgravity production research into streamlined,
scalable assembly of both biologic and inorganic compounds.

Real Estate

Our Real Estate portfolio focuses on realizing underlying value in both commercial and residential
properties in major metro markets around the United States. We buy, sell, develop and repackage bulk
and unique properties in centralized and transitional metro areas.


Our Technology portfolio consists of intellectual property holdings as well as positions in first
to market companies and brands centering around B2C products and B2B services.


We invest in creative minds & innovative ideas.
We took a non-traditional route building our model & strive to provide similar opportunities to under-
served groups & projects.

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